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Today we want to introduce you CameraBoys. Many people are used to regular live webcam sites and don’t bother to look for any other. We have good news. There a lot of niche webcam sites allowing to find wanted models that you prefer right away. You don’t have to look at other models that you don’t have any interest in. That is why people who enjoy gay cams love this site and their way to provide live cams for those who want to watch them live and chat with best looking male models.

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CameraBoys Models FAQ

When model is online?

On the page of the Camera on the Air available Models are clearly visible in the small windows. The Models entering the Private Chat or leaving offline have the corresponding prevention in the bottom of their windows.

How can I add model to the list of the elite?

You can get access to all kept Elite on the left side of the page of the Camera on the Air, after pressing an asterisk – an icon. When the list of the Elite appears, you can get access to Models, having pressed their small windows or to remove them from your list, having pressed their asterisks icons.

How can I find particular model?

The easiest way of finding of the preferred Model is input of the simple words in a search box in the top part of the page describing your preferences (that is: age, ethnic origin, hair color and eye, constitution, readiness, etc.). Concrete models can be also found by input of their names of the performer in the same search box.

I was not satisfied by Private Shaw. May I receive the money back?

If you were not satisfied by Private show of model please, contact Support of CameraBoys, having sent the electronic message or having visited the Chat Support Online. The refund is carried out in the specific cases defined on an individual basis therefore we strongly recommend you to get acquainted with Policy of Return of CameraBoys before contacting Support of Clients.

For more information, please, get acquainted with Policy of Return on CameraBoys page you can find after you watched the live show.

How can I send messages to models?

Premium Subscribers have privilege to send the personal message to Models. You can get access to your messages from any CameraBoys page sitewide. At first open your personal menu, having pressed your name the Subscriber in the right top corner, and then choose “Messages”. Sending the message of standard length stands 1,2 Credits.

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We hope you like CameraBoys. To clarify all this – if you are looking for best quality gay cams – there is the best situation you can get in to. You deserve the best service you can get online and these guys are offering it at really competitive rates.